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Welcome to the Buffet! This way to your table… 

         Click Menu to see the buffet and that our mission is simple. You will see that the buffet will provide you and your family with easy online access to quality and affordable dental insurance. The Dental Buffet rose out of the ashes of nationwide consumer dental fee disappointments, confusion, and little to no options. It was created to give families exactly the dental coverage they need at a price that they can afford. Coverage for routine Cleanings, Examinations, Fillings, Teeth Extractions, Braces, Dentures, and so much more! Here at The Dental Buffet we have the entrée you want to sink your TEETH into! 

            These delicious entrées are affordable, quality, and intuitive dental insurance that satisfies any family or persons appetite for budgeting expenses. Some entrees even come with next day coverage and dental benefits that could provide a $5,000 annual maximum. The dental buffet offers dental insurance from financially sound companies that insures millions of members nationwide…companies you may already know. The Dental Buffet is now bringing them here to you…all on the same buffet table! Easy plan comparison to quickly satisfy the hunger pains of having no dental coverage. 

             Stop missing out on certain meals you haven’t enjoyed in a while. Come on in and mozy around the buffet and taste an entrée or two and chat with a BASA (Buffet Agent Service Attendant). They are sure to answer all of your questions and help you choose the entrée that’s right for you.

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